Do a quick search for wedding checklists, and you will find a plethora of options on Google. But how do you know which one is best for you? Should you purchase an editable checklist of Etsy? Were go with the freebie of all of the not our wedding wire? Or maybe you should create one of your own.

This quick review of wedding checklists might help.

#3 The Knot and Wedding Wire many times are people’s first choice for good reasons. They are comprehensive and very customizable. But I do have some critiques:

  • I needed to login to both sites to access the wedding checklist
  • Wedding Wire now owns the Knot. Supposedly, each website will be running independently. But the information is about the same.
  • While I love to use digital devices and platforms, I could not find an easy way to print out my list and stick it in a book. I find that in planning weddings, paper and pen are your friends. With all the meetings with venues and vendors, it is helpful for everyone to be able to be on the same page, literally.
  •  There were too many choices. I had to spend considerable time figuring out what I wanted on my checklist. Spending time thinking about the tasks I needed to accomplish for my wedding planning was a good thing. Most couples do not know what is involved with wedding planning. So for couples, it does spark the imagination. But all the choices quickly became overwhelming for me even as a seasoned wedding professional.
  • There were ads interspersed in between my checklist. I felt like the list was more of a clickbait platform than a real help to my wedding planning.

#2 Magnet Street is a website where you can purchase printed material for weddings. I wasn’t expecting to see anything worthwhile on their site. But when I clicked the link, it produced a “truly engaging” PDF that I could print. The checklist was quite good and was pretty. And I like pretty.

 #1 Here Comes the Guide is my favorite for several reasons.

 So there’s my advice for you on national #checklist day.