We have a new way for wedding vendors to let couples know that they are available for their wedding date.

And it is literally only 5 clicks away!

As a subscribed wedding vendor on our wedding venue and venue directory site you will receive an email with the basic needs of all our couples using our concierge vendor selection service to find their wedding vendors for their wedding.

When you receive the email, if you are available, you can:

  1. Click Submit. Which will take you to the Dashboard of our wedding venue and vendor website.
  2. Login
  3. Click edit under the Title of your Listing
  4. Find the Dates Available (optional)
  5. Select the Date or Dates that you are available to be considered from the dropdown menu. (Only requested dates are available)
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page

What Happens

When the couple (or anyone else) goes looking for available wedding vendors and clicks on those days in our filter system ONLY the vendors that have done the above will show up! HUGE if you trying to get business on a certain day.

What each step looks like.

Dashboard and Login

Click Edit

Find and Select Dates you are submitting availability for and click Save at the bottom of the Page

What it will look like to couples searching for Wedding Vendors

What it will look like when they Click on a Date

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