I can save you dozens of hours with one email!

Concierge Wedding Vendor Selection Service

If you are getting married at any venue in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia we can help you find wedding vendors that are just what you are looking for at the price you need. We can save you hours with your wedding planning and wedding vendor selection process with just one email!

How? We are a well-established wedding network of local vetted wedding vendors. We can make the planning of your wedding stress-free, uncomplicated and time-effective.

As part of what do we would like to offer you our Concierge Vendor Selection service.

What is it?

Well, it is pretty simple.

  1. You create a job listing describing your wedding and choosing categories of wedding vendors that you need. If you see some wedding vendor listings of interest you can submit your wedding directly to the vendor for a quote.
  2. This is FREE service.
  3. I will also send out an email to each category of vetted My Shenandoah Valley Wedding vendor with the date of your wedding and what you are requesting.
  4. They will review your wedding listing. If they are available they will contact you through the site by submitting their resume and availability.

What is GREAT about this process is that you only spend time contacting vendors that:

  • Are available on your wedding day!
  • Are in your budget!

Of course, you can choose other vendors if you like. But at least you won’t have to waste time if some of our vetted vendors suit you just as well.

Create your listing Now!