5 floral trends for your 2020 wedding

These 5 floral trends will bring beauty and uniqueness to your 2020 wedding. Florals are one of the more evident and unique marks of your personality at any wedding. Not only do they pictorially define who you are, resting eternally as accents within the images of your wedding pictures, but their fragrances sing out the sweet hopes and dreams for your future marriage. For this reason, couples spend time and money choosing the perfect florals for their wedding.

These five new floral trends can help as you plan for the perfect bouquet or centerpiece at your wedding. 

#1 Wearable florals for the trendsetting bride

Gorgeous floral headpieces necklaces and bracelets with rage this year. Replacing jewelry, they can offer a beautiful fragrance accent to your hairstyling, makeup, and wedding dress. From the Ruffled blog, I found this elegant fairytale princess look. They shared two different styles, one more ornate than one with a purer tone.  

#2 Garlands, garlands everywhere 

While there is nothing new about garlands, strings of flora and fauna can add subtle sophistication to rustic and straightforward settings. Garlands can dress up and soften just about anything, by adorning tables, arbors, seating charts, tent poles, and bars, etc. Style Me Pretty shared this long farm-style table and earthy wedding.  


#3 Foam free floral design

 Okay, I admit it, this was new for me too. But basically, it is a new way of saying that the florists are not going to use that soft, gunky green foam to hold the flower arrangements together. Couples who are more eco-conscious this style of florals will be vital to you. 

According to Green Wedding Shoes, experts have weighed in and say that this type of floral presentation is beautiful, sustainable, and on the rise for couples. For Ingrid Rose, “Floral foam is essentially the plastic bag of the floral industry. It’s an incredibly convenient, sound mechanic, but it’s a single-use plastic. It’s also packed full of carcinogens so even if it were to disintegrate into a landfill, those chemicals would end up in the surrounding soil. Being mindful of the environmental impact of floral foam is an effort that requires the support of both clients and designers alike. It’s my hope that as an industry we can continue to do our part while still reaching groundbreaking levels of design.” 

I have always hated those green crumbling blocks, so I am happy to see this trend of sustainability in style. And as you can see, there is no loss of beauty in protecting our world and celebrating love. 


#4 Herbs can flavor your wedding in unique ways

That is right, herbs. Sage, rosemary, and thyme can add a unique flair and flavor to a wedding even when they are not part of dinner. Instead of finding their way into the caterer’s stew, herbs now are adorning brides and grooms, arbors and centerpieces, crowns and bouquets.

#5 Embroidered florals

And last but not least, we have a new style embroidered and textured floral wedding dresses. They are bold, fun-loving, and sexy. Now everyone knows that embroidery is not unique. It has been around for thousands of years. Probably from the beginning of time. But every generation brings its flair to fashion, and these gowns are gorgeous. These embroidered floral gowns can offer something unique and different to the fun that loving bride. Or perhaps even to a groom who might want a new look for his tuxedo. However, I did not find any pictures of that. But Green Wedding Shoes found plenty of photos of these floral gowns.